Friday, September 24, 2010

Let's swap!

Last night my roommate Megan and I hosted our very first clothing swap. That's right-- a clothing swap. Now for some reason, this whole event seemed to scare some of our girlfriends. But those who were brave enough to experience something new ended up leaving with a minimum of 3 new additions to their wardrobe. Offerings consisted of everything from shorts and jeans to great tops and tank tops, sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, all kinds of accessories, as well as cute skirts and dresses (including the gorgeous Ann Taylor Loft dress I got--thanks, Emily!), --all of which are simply no longer worn by the owner for whatever reason. Most of the items brought to the swap were simply things that the owner had bought in the wrong size, either mistakenly and just never exchanged it before the 60-day return/exchange period ended or, it was the only size left at the store and the item just sat in her closet staring at her day after day just waiting to be worn. Not that I was one of these people last night… (ok, so those size teeny-tiny cute red flats that I found on sale at Ann Taylor *over a year ago* were going to fit my feet one day...). Several items at the swap actually still had the price tags on them. We chatted, drank wine, ate cheese and shopped ‘til we dropped (and all for FREE!). Everyone left thrilled with their new finds and excited to see their friends wearing those things they just don’t anymore (and suggesting we do another swap in a few months!). All in all, a very successful night! Now I’m off to choose one of my new pieces to debut at the Greek Festival downtown tonight…J

Forgive the iPhone camera quality, but here are a few pics from the night:
So blurry, but can you believe all this stuff? (this is probably half)

Cute Sarah with her finds- including the LBD that fits her perfectly

Little Tricia with her wins
Roomie and I are excited to share our new clothes:)

Haha, Emily was pumped

Score on the dresses, Whit!:)

Interested in hosting a clothing swap of your own? Contact me for more information!

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