Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holiday in the Sun

Tomorrow morning I'm headed for a whirlwind beach trip. First, a stop to help the boyfriend, Britt, move into his new apartment for his second year of grad school (I'm hoping to swing a little beach time after we're done since the beach is only about an hour from there). On Sunday, Britt is sweetly accompanying me to my best friend from home’s beach wedding in South Florida. In order to properly celebrate and send these two off into wedded bliss, he and I will leave the wedding location the day after the wedding and go to…

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Yes! The happiest place on Earth. We’re very excited to escape our adult lives for a day and relive our childhood a little bit.

From there we’ll go to join my parents on their beach vacation, where we will do nothing but sleep, tan, swim, and eat a lot of good seafood (no oil, don’t worry). A lot of driving will be happening in the next week, but I’d rather spend long hours in a car with Britt than with anyone else.:) And I can definitely use this break- can’t wait to escape reality and responsibility for a week!

Britt and I at the beach last year

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  1. O, you're back. I want to hear about the trip and I want more post. K, thanks ;).